The Black Tattoo
The Black Tattoo - a book about demonic possession, flying kung fu, vomiting bats, the end of the universe and other fun stuff like that, by Sam Enthoven.

Reader Art

On 28th June '07 I received a rather brilliant request in the Black Tat Guestbook. Lauren, from (woah!) "behind my couch" apparently(!) said, "You should add a fan art page." Well, here you go: over to you!

I'm touched and thrilled and honoured and delighted by all the art I've been sent so far. When people use my stories as a jumping off point to create special things of their own, that makes me very happy. :D

If Black Tat has inspired you to create something visual and you'd like to share it, then simply scan your artwork and email jpgs to this address:

The best work will be uploaded to my Flickr photostream and added to the glorious slideshow below.

what the Hell is this?