The Black Tattoo
The Black Tattoo - a book about demonic possession, flying kung fu, vomiting bats, the end of the universe and other fun stuff like that, by Sam Enthoven.


Pronounced 'Numb-wit MaTWUCK!'


Have you seen the 'What the Hell...?' button at the bottom of each page of this site? Have you seen how the WebSphinx put this website's look together? With a digital camera, she took pictures of everyday items from farmers' markets, gardens and (genius!) her fridge, and manipulated their colours to create the glorious, gobsmacking, lurid skin/ hair/ blood-and-guts monster-texture backgrounds you see before you.

Well, how do you feel about trying it out for yourself?

You think you can do better? We want to hear from you! You feel like making a disgusting mess and taking pictures of it just for the Hell of it? We also want to hear from you!

Entry Requirements:

One: To enter, you must say what your monster-texture is really made out of.

Don't kill anything in your picture. We're not here to encourage violence or cruelty, just to... (hee hee hee!) maybe imply it a little bit! Suggestion: while animal products like bacon or calamari are okay because of their interesting textures, what the WebSphinx found worked best was to approach this challenge with a bit of imagination. Actual steaks and so forth - oddly - don't look all that 'fleshy' when photographed. But textures such as hairgel, meringue, mud... now you're talking! Things like tree-bark and cheese-rind, which look "dry" in natural light, can suddenly take on extra visual gooiness or snakiness simply if you play with the colours a little. It's all about looking around, keeping an eye out, and using lateral thinking to guess how something might turn out.

Websphinx's Digital Specifications
- Size: 1024 pixels wide x 600 pixels height
- Resolution: minimum 72 pixel per inch

Send your entry (as an email attachment), along with your name and address, and details of what you have have made your background texture from, to

Round One: MISS K. DEEGAN wins!

See her winning entry: Monster Brains Congratulations!

Round Two: SKULLIAN wins!

See his winning entry: here Congratulations!

Round Three: SANA AND HINA win!

See their winning entry: Beetle in Honey Congratulations!

Round Four: SALMAN wins!

See his winning entry: Mouldy Cheese Congratulations!

Round Five: SKULLIAN wins! (again!!)

See his winning entry: Snakeskin Congratulations!

Round Six: XIAOYAO wins!

See his winning entry: Ear Congratulations!

Round Seven: JAMIE wins!

See his winning entry: Nectarine Congratulations!

Round Eight: MONIQUE VAN DONGEN wins!

See her winning entry: The New Emperor Congratulations!

Round Nine: BRYAN LOPEZ wins!

See his winning entry: here Congratulations!

Round Ten: WELLY WOO wins!

See Welly's two astonishing entries: Silly Putty and Veggies Congratulations!

what the Hell is this?